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  • Inspiration

    I designed the Spring summer Collection 2015, during last autumn.. 

    at first it was hard find inspiration during those cold days, then it was enough thinking about summer. 

    Summer allows us to use our fancy,

    Invites us to dream about traveling, about people we will meet.

    it's colour, gayness, flavours, smells, laughs,

    summer make us shiny and radiant.. inside and outside.

    There is a Pesopiuma Bijoux suitable for each woman, you just need to wear it

    to discover all sensations.

    Since 2011 I design with passion and lightness for Pesopiuma: original and exclusive bijoux.   


  • PLUME little girl collection

    Plume was born in 2014 thanks to the smile of my daughter Alice,  a little girl with big eyes and a great desire to grow up. 

    Like all the girls she loves try on my clothes, my jewelry, my shoes, my everything... and thanks to her desire to look like me,

    I found the inspiration for this special collection: safe, non allergenic and light bijoux. 

    Plume Bijoux are born for giving to little girls the dream to feel like princess. 




Pesopiuma Bijoux was born from two women co-operation, different, but with the common desire of realizing a new, original, essential, light product.

  • New and original we try not to follow the fashions.
  • Essential because our motto is "less is more" but our products will always be able to give "something more" to your outfits.
  • Light because in pesopiuma final weight of our products is really important.

In fact, women are often attracted by colorful, decorated, big jewels but, because of the materials used, very heavy too.

Our objective is creating a sinergy between appearence and lightness, so that you will forget that you're wearing the jewel you bought, until someone will make you notice its beauty and particularity.

Our creation, all nickel free, are rigorously produced and assembled in Italy.